Ozark Remodel

This house in Southland Terrace sits on a beautiful street lined with 1930's and 40's brick homes and mature pecan and oak trees.  When we first saw it, Ozark House either needed to be completely restored or torn down.  We decided to respectfully restore the downstairs and raise a large section of the roof to accommodate a new upstairs master suite.  Under a new, insulated Galvalume roof, the former attic now includes the master suite with private bath and walk in closet.  Downstairs, the original and reclaimed wood floors were brought back to their former luster, and the kitchen and bathroom are benefiting from new wiring, plumbing and appliances, including instant hot water from the latest Navien tankless water heater.  We believe that this house is now one of most efficient and durable houses on the block, while also fitting in with its nearly century-old neighbors.